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The Cap Times: Ed Garvey: Guessing’s over — now we know how bad Walker is

February 21, 2011- On Sunday I wish I could have been in Park Falls, where 150 hardy folks stood in the cold to oppose Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting plan, but you can’t be everywhere. “Mill workers, teachers, just plain citizens were there raising their voices,” reports John Smart. Among the other good places to be over the weekend were the Square, Monona Terrace and Mazomanie.

In Mazomanie you would have had chills as the people rose to their feet in praise of the “Badger 14.” They passed the bucket to help 14 politicians carry the fight on their backs. It was a wonderful moment.

The Nation: The Betrayal of Public Workers

February 16, 2011- The Great Recession and its aftermath are entering a new phase in the United States, which could bring even more severe assaults on the living standards and basic rights of ordinary people than we have experienced thus far. This is because a wide swath of the country’s policy- and opinion-making elite have singled out public sector workers—including schoolteachers, healthcare workers, police officers and firefighters—as well as their unions and even their pensions as deadweight burdens sapping the economy’s vitality.

LA Progressive: Why the Attacks on Public Sector Workers and Their Unions

February 21, 2011- While the country has been swamped with raging snowstorms, the biggest snow jobs have come from corporations, Republican governors and legislators, Chambers of Commerce and their puppets. This chorus of union busters has been joined by the corporate think tanks, the CATO Institute, the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and spewed from Fox News. The reasons behind these attacks on public sector workers and their unions can be seen in the differential in salaries between unionized public workers, who can earn $47,000 as a result of union efforts compared to public sector non-union workers who earn $37, 284.

Think Progress: How John Birch Society Extremism Never Dies: The Fortune Behind Scott Walker’s Union-Busting Campaign

February 21, 2011- Over 68,000 people have mobilized in Madison and progressive organizers are planning solidarity efforts across the country to denounce Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) radical attempt to bust Wisconsin’s public sector unions. So far, Walker has refused to compromise, even though Wisconsin labor leaders are already coming to the table with large concessions. How can Walker press on, even with public opinion beginning to turn against him? Much of Walker’s critical political support can be credited to a network of right-wing fronts and astroturf groups in Wisconsin supported largely by a single foundation in Milwaukee: the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, a $460 million conservative honey pot dedicated to crushing the labor movement.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Biggest protests yet as pro-Walker side, larger union crowd meet peacefully

February 19, 2011- With no political compromise in sight on Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair bill, tens of thousands of demonstrators with strong opinions of their own converged Saturday inside and outside the state Capitol to chant, sing, wave signs, beat drums and march for their causes.

The march, believed to be the largest gathering at the Capitol since protesters began showing up last week, was huge but peaceful. There were no arrests, according to state officials.

The protesters descended on Madison as Walker, through a spokesman, rejected an overture from a Democratic state senator who said public employee unions had agreed to make financial sacrifices contained in the bill in return for the right to bargain collectively.

The Cap Times: Walker gins up ‘crisis’ to reward cronies

February 16, 2011- Wisconsin needs to be fiscally responsible.

There is no question that these are tough times, and they may require tough choices.

But Gov. Scott Walker is not making tough choices. He is making political choices, and they are designed not to balance budgets but to improve his political position and that of his party.

It is for this reason that the governor claims Wisconsin is in such deep financial trouble that Wisconsinites should view this as a crisis moment.

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