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Daily Kos: 80 Years Planning: GOP 2012 Scrooge Class Sweep

February 14, 2011- Eighty years of planning for the 2012 election that takes place in about 20 months.

Maybe I've missed it, BUT WHERE ARE WE GATHERING, PLANNING, AND WORKING now? Have we thrown in the towel? Are we all UP with Third World Status? What??

I have a lot of research but as most seem to discount The Grand Plan unfolding, I won't bother to spend a lot of time making a case.

If you are interested, you will find that Abraham Vereide (founder of The Family), Fred Koch (one of the John Birch Society founders), Doug Coe (Vereides successor), have been working quietly for 80 years to end any/all Unions and social safety nets and privatize everything, including education K – 12. Their billionaire friends, like Peter G. Peterson are their helpers. You see, they equate Unions and progressives with Communists.

NewsVine: Watchdog Group Says Billionaire Koch Bros. & Wis. Gov. Walker Are ‘Taking a Page from Mubarak’s Playbook’ in Statewide Union Busting Scheme

February 14, 2011- With help from the billionaire Koch Brothers, Wisconsin's new Republican Governor, Scott Walker, is "taking a page from Mubarak's playbook" in a scheme to destroy the state's unions, according to political watchdog group Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

On Friday,Walker announced plans to literally bust unions representing the state's 175,000 public workers–and he's threatened to call out the National Guard to do it.

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