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Huffington Post: Filmmaker Goes Undercover to Expose Corporate Links to the Tea Party

In his recently released documentary, "(astro) Turf Wars", Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham goes undercover to try and answer the question: "Just how real are the roots of the tea party's supposed grassroots uprising."

Oldham, examines the role corporate-funded grassroots groups (known as 'astroturf') have played in the recent health-care and climate debates and their central role in the tea party movement.

Here's the very amusing trailer:

DNA Info: David Koch Replaces Mayor Michael Bloomberg as Manhattan’s Wealthiest Man

Spetember 22, 2010: Oil heir, philanthropist, and alleged Tea Party funder David Koch has stolen the title of Manhattan's wealthiest billionaire from New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Mayor Bloomberg is no longer New York's richest man. (Getty Images)Koch and his brother, Charles, share the number five spot on "Forbes" magazine's list of the 400 Richest Americans, with a combined wealth of $21.5 billion.

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